Ron "Bruno" Brunecker
Ronald Brunecker, better known to all as "Bruno" is a born and raised native San Franciscan. Growing up in the outer Sunset District, Bruno learned to play the drums while attending Washington High School, and this became his life-long passion.  During this time Bruno met a woman named Lucille Lando who had a radio show called Teen Time on KSAN 1450AM, a local broadcast rhythm and blues radio station in the city. Bruno gathered a few friends together and they formed a band to become the house band for the radio station.

Later, Bruno auditioned and got a gig playing at the Cooperwood Bar in Daly City, Ca. Because of this exposure he met, and performed with musicians such as Bobby Freeman (Autumn Records) and Rick Stevens (Lead Vocals-Tower of Power). Before he knew it, he was playing clubs on Broadway St. like the Condor Club (Carol Doda), and The Hungry Eye as well as other well known San Francisco landmarks.

Eventually he met and went on tour with Roger Collins (Fantasy Records). After the tour he met with The Womb (Dot Records), a San Francisco progressive rock band. He played on the same ticket with the likes of Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Janis Joplin w/Big Brother and The Holding Company. Opening concerts in San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Park and other venues throughout the city.

To this day Bruno still plays the drums in the club scene around San Francisco, and performs jazz at Joe's in Westlake on occasion. His passion for the drums still exist today as much as it did then, and he is still always interested in performing for private parties, commercial work, performing as an "oldies" disc jockey, or just having a good time playing the drums.

He is always available to play or to perform, and is available for contract. Please feel free to call if you have a desire for this service.